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About the Curaçao and Bonaire Insurance Association

The Insurance Association of Curacao and Bonaire represents all insurance companies which are licensed to transact the insurance business in Curacao and Bonaire.
Incorporated in November 1990, we are working to make all aspects of insurance easier and more effective for consumers, agents and insurance companies in Curacao and Bonaire.

  The role of the CBIA

Our role is to be active in the business community representing the interests of our member companies. The Insurance association of Curacao and Bonaire helps identify emerging trends and responds to issues affecting the Insurance industry. We seek to promote the overall growth and development of the Insurance sector in Curacao and Bonaire. 

CBIA's Mission

    We aim to embark on activities that would promote and advance the common interests of members and the insurance industry through:
  • Fostering public confidence in, and respect for, the insurance industry;
  • Representing members' interests to Government, the regulator, external organizations, similar associations and bodies in other industries;
  • Establishing a sound insurance structure and promotion of greater efficiency within the industry;
  • Promoting education and training in all aspects of insurance;
  • Being a good corporate citizen.

CBIA's Code of Conduct

  • We have professional employees, with the necessary training, knowledge and experience to properly perform their work.
  • We have products and services that are easy to understand.
  • We have clear and understandable application forms with accurate information
  • about the coverage, exclusions and the information required from the customer.
  • We request only information and documentation from the customer that is relevant to assess an application.
  • We explain to the customer why it is important that the customer provides correct, complete and updated information
  • We recognise our duty to keep the customer informed, whenever necessary.
  • We ensure that the composition of our prices are clear for the customer.
  • We are transparent in the process of underwriting and accepting new customers.
  • We are transparent throughout the claims handling process and work towards a proper claims settlement.
  • We explain any decision not to make a claims payment in an understandable way to the customer.
  • We ensure that each customer receives an insurance policy and the policy conditions.
  • We handle the personal data of our customers in a careful and confidential way. We work together with other partners whenever this is for the benefit of its customers.
  • We have a Complaints procedure in place for our customers.
  • We always inform a complainant about the next steps he/she can take, when we cannot decide in favour of our customer on a complaint.


Curaçao and Bonaire Insurance Association
(Associatie van Verzekeraars van Curaçao en Bonaire)
P.O. Box: 3002 Curaçao.
@: info@cbia.bz
MCB Bank: 699.850

Chairperson: Mrs. Natascha Saunders-Poulina (ENNIA)
Vice-chairperson: Mrs. Guiselle Coco (GUARDIAN GROUP)
Treasurer: Mr. Huub van der Bent (Citizens)
Board member: Mrs. Anjenie Lachman (ASKA)
Board member: Mr. Olivier van de Gevel (PALICO)

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